REFERENCES: Acar, E. (2008). Ameliyathanede Hasta ve Çalışan Güvenliği. İstanbul Tıp Dergisi, 141-145. Adıgüzel, O. (2010). Hasta Güvenliği Kültürünün Sağlık Çalışanları Tarafından Algılanmasına Yönelik Bir Araştırma. Dumlupınar Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi, 159-170. Akalın, E. (2005). Yoğun Bakım Ünitelerinde Hasta Güvenliği. Yoğun Bakım Dergi, 141-146. Akıncı, B; Vural, Z. (2003). Kurum Kültürü ve Örgütsel İletişim. İstanbul: [...]

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Chapter 6

Contributions of the developed thesis        We have revealed in broader terms the nature and the role of safety culture using the principles of ensuring safety and health, allowing us to present methodological guidance for the system health and safety control. By employing the constituted approach for assessment of the workplace we have built a [...]

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CHAPTER 5: ANALYSIS OF THE SURVEY ON SATISFACTION WITH SAFETY CLIMATE IN SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES. 5.І. Objectives and tasks of the conducted survey. With the help of the survey conducted on the basis of the opinion of lecturers, employees and students in period (March to May) 2016 we have drawn up procedures for perception of [...]

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CHAPTER 4: SAFETY ENVIRONMENT OF THE WORKPLACES IN SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES. It is necessary to solve problems relating to: - analysing and disclosing the nature of the basic concepts related to health and safety at work, detection of adverse working conditions leading to accidents and factors for their elimination; - Proposal of methodological basis for [...]

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CHAPTER 3: SAFETY AND HEALTH AT WORK METRICS Tasks solved in this chapter: - developing methodological basis for measurement of the safety and health at work on the basis of the nature and characteristics of risk and presenting their economic dimensions. - presenting a methodology for quantitative assessment of risk - developing a methodology for [...]

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Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2: DETERMINING THE THEORETIC AND METHODOLOGICAL BASIS OF THE SAFE WORKING CONDITIONS The tasks which are solved in this chapter have the following goals: - based on the formed main directions of the policy for safety and health as well as on the principles presented for providing them, the nature and the role of [...]

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Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1. THE STATUS OF THE PROBLEM WITH THE HEALTHY AND SAFE WORKING CONDITIONS.   1.1. The meaning of healthy and safe working conditions Every year in the EU more than 5500 people loose their lives as a result of accidents. According to the data of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) 159 000 people die [...]

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